LS1012A-2G5 Reference Design board (LS1012A-2G5RDB) is a compact form-factor tool for evaluating LS1012A application solutions. A SDIO Wi-Fi® module is mounted on the board to facilitate evaluation and development of Wi-Fi connectivity solutions. A 2.5 inch SSD hard disk can be mounted on board for storage applications and Two 2.5G Ethernet PHY are available for multi-gigabit applications.



Board feature Description
Processor LS1012A processor with single core1
High-speed serial ports (SerDes) Two SGMII 2.5G PHYs

One SATA connector with 22-pin power and signal Connector.

DDR controller 1 GB memory

Supports data rates up to 1 GT/s.

Ethernet Two quad-speed Ethernet MACs supporting:

1. 2 x 2500Mbps PHY (AQ107) OR

2. 2 x 1000Mbps PHY (RTL8211)

USB 2.0/3.0 USB 3.0 port is configured as On-The-Go (OTG) with a Type-C connector.
SDHC1 SDIO WiFi Module
SDHC2 eMMC memory (4 GB)
QSPI Onboard 64 MB QSPI flash memory running at speed up to 50 MHz for single IO boot and 83.3 MHz for Dual IO boot.
Serial port 3-pin UART port (Without flow control for console)
I2C One I2C bus with connectivity to PMIC and other devices for controlling and monitoring the board.
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